Drying Cabinets

The DC2200 dryers are designed to maximise the efficiency of drying of various items. Whilst processing loads in the washer-disinfectors drying can be carried out simultaneously, thus extending the capacity and speeding up material flow. The range includes single-door and pass-through models and can be supplied with accessories to suit various needs. Like the Deko machines the cabinets are controlled by PLC and touch-screen interface. Particle-free air is guaranteed by the monitored HEPA -filtering.


DC2200 presents state-of-the-art means for drying by HEPA-filtered air

Special attention has been paid to the flexibility of use of the large volume chamber by providing purpose designed shelves and inserts for accomodating a variety of medical devices.

The Programmable Logic Control system with Touch Screen User Interface & Display panel allows fixed and tailored cycles and easy follow-up of ongoing process status.


  • sound & heat insulated
  • heat exhanger
  • single door or pass-through, left/right hinged door(s)
  • adjustment of the interval between retractable shelves
  • PLC and 4” graphic colour Touch-Screen control panel & info display
  • 3 pre-set drying cycles, max 6
  • temperature adjustment range 30-80 C
  • time adjustment range 20 -180 minutes / non-stop
  • cooling time range 1-30 minutes
  • temperature & remaining time indication
  • HEPA -filter condition indication
  • double overheating protection

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