Instrument Washer-Disinfectors

Today’s range of the DEKO machines includes cabinet type instrument washer-disinfectors in four different sizes to meet the needs for optimum capacity. All models are provided with state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Control system allowing the most advanced, user-friendly possibilities for process control, verification & registration, modifications and service assistance.

All machines are front-loaded, free-standing and dimensioned to maximise the relation of occupied floor space and machine capacity. The horizontal door and retractable wash shelves design allow easy, flexible and hygienic loading/unloading without the need for fixed racks, trolleys or conveyors that require extra handling, processing and attention.

Depending on the supply services, the heating power for washing and disinfection can either be by steam from a central steam network or, generated by integrated, safely concealed electrical heating elements.

The thermal disinfection phase in all instrument wd’s is carried out by hot water. The dryer is equipped with HEPA -filtering. The cycle is being monitored by integrated independent sensors as required by the ISO EN 15883-1 and 15883-2 standard.

DEKO 25, -260, -2000, D32 are also available as LABORATORY -models.


The Deko 25 has been designed to bring reliability, outstanding cleaning and disinfection performance and quality into one compact and economic washer-disinfector.

The Deko 25 can be situated on a dedicated DEKO stand accessory or a cabinet, as wells as, be positioned undercounter.

Utilising the power of the 260 litres per minute circulation pump, process and cleaning results are guaranteed throughout the wash chamber. The capacity also allows for the insertion of a warious additional wash racks to facilitate the washing of cannulated instruments, dental handpieces, hoses, glassware, rigid scopes, hollowware etc..

The Deko 25 comes as standard with pre-set programs installed and protected, however additional tailored programs can be added to meet any process requirements such as dental or laboratory use.

The washing spray patterns are delivered through 2 rotating spray arms or utilising jet rack connectors and guarantee water contact with all surfaces and crevices of instruments with the most intricate design.

DEKO 260

The Deko 260 washer-disinfector-dryer is designed and manufactured to be suitable for places with limited space but diverse usability needs. It builds on the already well proven reliability and simple operation and ensures thorough cleaning and efficient processing of reusable medical and laboratory equipment.

Despite the compact overall size of the Deko 260, it provides an unforeseen loading capacity and numerous user-friendly features that make the daily operation easy and trouble free. Thanks to its integrated condenser and well constructed sound & heat insulation the Deko 260 is pleasant and secure to work with.

Models include both single-door and pass-through options, heated safely by concealed electrical elements.

Sustainability is guaranteed by the use of durable and recyclable stainless materials and reliable components, suited especially for machines in professional use. The long serviceable life cycle and low overall costs guarantee true value on your investment.

DEKO 2000

The Deko 2000 is an economical large volume, single chamber washer-disinfector-dryer, purpose-built for health care and laboratory sectors. The individually removable and retractable wash shelves facilitate the easy utilisation of the large chamber for load items of different height.

The overall size is most space-saving but installation and service-friendly. With the width of only 800 mm, depth of 710 mm and height of 1970 mm the DEKO 2000 has ultimately one of the most efficient footprint usage to capacity ratio of all units on the world market.

Unnecessary trolleys needing attention and extra processing, may also be avoided for safer floor clearance and ease of cleaning. Thanks to the optimized water volume, the use of water per phase is remarkable – only 6 gallons (24 litres) per fill!


The Deko D32 is designed and constructed to meet high capacity (upto 20 pcs DIN 1/1 baskets / cycle) and efficient, intensive processing requirements.

Process results are guaranteed throughout:

  • water pressure for washing is supplied by a high powered circulation pump
  • pipework and the number of loading shelves fitted with rotating spray arms are calculated to have the maximum soil removal efficacy
  • wide selection of disinfection temperatures and cycle times to secure the microbial inactivation
  • fast HEPA filtered drying

Cycles can be altered to meet almost any special requirement, though the standard requirements are met with the fixed, tested and approved programs inserted by the manufacturer. The advanced PLC control system allows various means for recording and downloading the process data and other necessary information. User-friendliness is also secured by the 7″ colour touch-screen interface and display panel.

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